Mountain View Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MVP) is a leader in the biopharmaceutical drug delivery field. MVP seeks to improve therapeutic proteins through the application of its polymer coupling technology platforms and advanced analytical methods. Founded in 1995, the Company draws upon its base of pharmaceutical development, protein biochemistry, immunology and polymer chemistry expertise in tackling the challenges to effective delivery of therapeutic proteins.  MVP's proprietary reagents for coupling poly(ethylene glycol) to drugs (PharmaPEG® reagents) enable the production of long-acting drugs with dramatically reduced antigenicity and immunogenicity compared with conventional PEGylation reagents.  MVP's senior management team members are recognized leaders in their respective fields with many inventions and publications to their credit.

Technology Benefits

MVP's technology platforms offer the following benefits:

MVP’s methods for improving the overall performance of therapeutic agents have economic, quality and regulatory advantages over other methods that are available from competitors.